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Modern Workforce Scheduling: New Capabilities, New Mindset

In this new Ventana Research Viewpoint, Steve Goldberg, VP and Research Director, discusses the benefits that workforce management platforms are bringing to a range of industries (manufacturing, retail, dining, hospitality, and many more) and how to approach scheduling with the needs and interests of deskless hourly workers in mind.

Today’s workforce management software buyers are seeking solutions to some unique challenges, including an increased need to focus on employee experiences, such as what employees require from their processes and how their lives at work are impacted by them. This report digs into the following areas:

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This commentary discusses the positive effects that workforce management software has on complicated scheduling keeping non-traditional employees engaged.

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  • Convergence of Employee and Non-Employee Processes – Non-employees such as gig workers must be included and accounted for in scheduling processes and cost analyses. Learn how modern platforms are folding in non-traditional workers like these.
  • Advanced Technology Considerations – Different workers have different needs. They’ve struggled under one-size-fits-all solutions that were created for simplicity but ignore the needs of the individual. A more complex, sophisticated system is now necessary to address the needs of all employees.
  • Scheduling for All – As compliance laws can change overnight, it can be difficult to keep track of every little detail and make sure your operations remain above board. The right scheduling programs can help navigate these challenges, keep your organisation compliant and keep your workers satisfied.

“A management focus on the employee experience has become highly correlated with the ability to attract and retain top talent, not unlike the benefits of delivering a superior customer experience.”


Steve Goldberg
VP and Research Director, Ventana Research


Modern workforce management software buyers are looking for features such as flow-of-work collaboration and communication, which have done wonders simplifying once hectic scheduling procedures. Different types of employees need to have the same level of access to company assets across the board. Allowing teams to collaborate on complicated scheduling by keeping everyone in the loop greatly improves their employee experience, keeping workers and management satisfied and in sync.

Read the full article Modern Workforce Scheduling: New Capabilities, New Mindset, and learn Goldberg’s thoughts on how the convergence of employee and non-employee processes, advanced technology considerations, and scheduling for all are being approached in the modern workforce.