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HR Compliance Navigator Report

Q1/Q2 2022 for UK

HR compliance plays an important part in ensuring that a company remains compliant with changes to legislation, case law and best practice. This allows every organisation the best chance of recruiting, retaining and developing the skills that it needs to run its business whilst at the same time identifying and minimising risk.

A lack of HR compliance exposes the business risks of fines, Employment Tribunal case and regulatory investigations. Businesses also miss out on the opportunity to reduce turnover and absenteeism, both of which can cost an employer thousands per year per employee in terms of finding and training replacement staff. It makes good business sense to create workplaces where workers want to spend their time. And workers want to spend their time with employers who focus on compliance and best practice, with employee wellbeing now a key driver for retention and employee performance indicators.

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This report compiles the latest changes and developments in the UK employment and workplace legislation that your organisation needs to know to maximise compliance, prepare for incoming changes and strengthen your business from the inside out.

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“Any business wanting a clear direction regarding their HR activity over the coming year will be looking at employee experience within their organisation. Businesses can measure employee experience throughout their employees’ lifecycle. This allows them to understand the effect that their efforts are having in attracting, retaining, recruiting and exiting people for their businesses.”


This HR Compliance Navigator Report Q1/Q2 2022: UK Employment Update: Laws, Regulations, Compliance and Best Practice to Know During 2022 explores a whole range of topical, legislative and practical steps which employers and HR departments will be focusing on for 2022. It is written with a view to act as a reference point for clients who need accessible and accurate advice to determine HR plans and strategy for the year. With a summary of where we are now and where we might be heading after new employment laws might be adopted, we aim to be the first point of reference for overloaded HR departments who need a direction.

Updates include: 

  • HR agenda for 2022
  • Statutory increases 
  • Right to Work checks  
  • Forthcoming changes to employment law  
  • The employee experience

Developed with HR professionals in mind, read the HR Compliance Navigator Report Q1/Q2 2022: UK Employment Update: Laws, Regulations, Compliance and Best Practice to Know During 2022 as a resource for current workforce management compliance.

UK Employment Update

Laws, Regulations, Compliance & Best Practice to Know During 2022

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