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The Future of Work Starts Now

Market leaders aren’t waiting for a “return to normal”—they’re accelerating their ability to adapt to and support changes valuable to their company and employees.  

Join us virtually at VISION 2021, where industry experts and colleagues from around the globe will collaborate on new ideas and workforce best practices designed to help you embrace change in the present and create momentum with your HR initiatives.   


November 3rd – 4th
Global | English


November 9th – 10th
LATAM | Spanish/Portuguese

Immerse Yourself in the Forces Shaping How We Work

Breakthrough Employee Experience

Learn how to connect your entire organization, and engage employees by creating moments that matter.

Modern Workforce

Discover how the WorkForce Suite can accelerate your digital transformation and meet employee needs.

New Product

See how WorkForce Software is innovating to meet the evolving needs of your modern workforce.

Keynote Speaker

Mike Robbins

We’re All in This Together

Date: Wednesday, November 3rd
Presentation Time Sydney: 9:00 AM
Presentation Time London: 9:00 AM
Presentation Time New York: 9:00 AM

As an expert in teamwork, leadership, and emotional intelligence, Mike Robbins delivers keynotes and seminars that empower people, teams, and organizations to work together effectively and be more successful. Through his speeches, seminars, and writing, Mike teaches people important techniques that allow them to be more grateful, appreciative, and authentic with others and themselves. 

Prior to his speaking, writing, and consulting career, Mike was drafted by the New York Yankees out of high school, but instead chose to play baseball at Stanford University, where he pitched in the College World Series. He was drafted by the Kansas City Royals out of Stanford and played three seasons of professional baseball before arm injuries ended his playing career. 

After his athletic career, Mike worked in sales and business development for two Internet start-ups. When the dot-com bubble burst in 2000 and he was laid off, it allowed him to follow a deeper passion—empowering and inspiring people—and opened the door for him to start working full time as a speaker, author, and coach.

Mike lives in Novato, CA, with his wife Michelle and their two daughters, Samantha and Rosie.

Vision 2021 Sessions

GLOBAL  |  November 3rd – 4th
LATAM    |  November 9th – 10th

We’re All in This Together

Mike Robbins, Author, Speaker

Date: Wednesday, November 3rd
Presentation Time Sydney: 9:00 AM
Presentation Time London: 9:00 AM
Presentation Time New York: 9:00 AM

Team culture is essential to success, especially given all of the challenges and uncertainty we’re experiencing these days. In this keynote, leadership and team performance expert Mike Robbins, will touch on two key elements of his work (authenticity and appreciation), that allow teams to come together, overcome adversity, and perform at their best – especially in stressful times.

Modern Workforce Management: Your Key to Business Transformation
Joe Ross, Chief Product Officer, WorkForce Software and Partner/Customer Speaker TBC 

Date: Wednesday, November 3
Presentation Time Sydney: 9:45 AM
Presentation Time London: 9:45 AM
Presentation Time New York: 9:45 AM 

Working with some of the world’s largest employers, WorkForce Software is rewriting the rules that previously defined traditional workforce management solutions—enabling  leading companies to support the next generation of workers. With product innovations, we’ve moving from a system of record to a system of transformation.

In this session, you’ll hear about recent advancements to the WorkForce Suite that we’ve accelerated in response to the remarkable changes we’ve all endured over the past 18 months, how they impact employers’ abilities to manage and provide support to their workforce at scale, and our ongoing vision for helping businesses around the world engage employees and leverage data to ensure desired outcomes.

Whether you’re adopting the latest cloud version of our suite or a long-time customer looking for more value from your existing investments, this in-depth overview will set the stage for all the product-focused breakout sessions later in the conference.

What Makes a Great Employee Experience: Our Vision for the Evolution of Work
Marc Gingras, SVP, Employee Experience Strategy, WorkForce Software 

Date: Wednesday, November 3
Presentation Time Sydney: 9:45 AM
Presentation Time London: 9:45 AM
Presentation Time New York: 9:45 AM 

Everyone is talking about improving employee experience. But despite it being a priority for many, there’s little consensus on what that entails or how to deliver a better experience at scale—especially for companies with large populations of frontline or deskless workers.

Figuring out what employees want most and finding ways to meet their needs is still tricky for some, despite significant HR investments. But with over 80% of the global workforce in frontline, non-desked jobs, finding a way to reach and engage these employees and their managers is critical to supporting business growth.  

In this session, you’ll learn how two-way, real-time communication and easy access to the tools employees and managers need to get their work done can make all the difference when embedded into their daily workflows. 

By giving a voice and platform to all workers, organizations can make employees more engaged, productive, and informed—allowing HQ to learn the most effective ways to leverage and serve employee groups, quickly apply corrective measures to keep operations on track, and ultimately achieve corporate or organizational goals.

Boosting Performance with WorkForce Tasks, Time, and Absence

Adam Lumley, Director of Product Management, WorkForce Software
Marc Gingras, SVP, Employee Experience Strategy, WorkForce Software 

Date: Wednesday, November 3
Presentation Time Sydney: 2:00 PM
Presentation Time London: 4:30 PM
Presentation Time New York: 11:30 AM 

The past year and a half have forced all of us to adapt in previously unforeseen and unmanageable ways. But despite everything, organizations and their employees have developed the resolve and courage to remain resilient, even during unexpected times.

WorkForce Software is no different. In this session, we’ll share what we’ve learned working with some of the world’s biggest companies and organizations during this difficult time and how we’ve evolved the WorkForce Suite to help you meet challenges head-on and outperform your competitors.

Join us to learn more about the WorkForce Suite’s time, attendance, absence, and task management capabilities and how new templated configuration options can help your company accelerate your ability to support changing requirements and business expansion, no matter what gets thrown your way. 

Growing the Value of the WorkForce Suite Post-Implementation

Dennis Tuttle, Director, Services, WorkForce Software
Taressa George, Value Analyst, WorkForce Software
Ryan Perry, Senior Manager, WorkForce Software

Date: Wednesday, November 3
Presentation Time Sydney: 2:00 PM
Presentation Time London: 4:30 PM
Presentation Time New York: 11:30 AM

Modern WFM shouldn’t be something that’s set up and ignored immediately after go-live. Join our Continuous Services and Value Proposition team members to learn more about how to ensure the WorkForce Software platform continues to evolve with your needs and challenges to better support your organization and its employees.

In this session, we’ll discuss how you can take advantage of continuing product enhancements, ongoing application ownership options, and measuring results with the help of WFS.  

Staying Ahead of the Competition with Forecasting & Scheduling for Multiple Employee Groups

Mike Doherty, Director of Product Management, WorkForce Software 

Date: Thursday, November 4 
Presentation Time Sydney: 9:00 AM 
Presentation Time London: 2:00 PM 
Presentation Time New York: 9:00 AM

Top-performing organizations are differentiating themselves in the market and improving productivity by ensuring their forecasting and scheduling practices meet the evolving needs of their business and employees. Join this session to learn how the full portfolio of WorkForce Scheduling products meets the different needs of your diverse global workforce while enabling new levels of flexibility requested by workers today.

Making Smarter Decisions Faster with WorkForce Intelligence & Integrations

Jon Olson, Director, Product Management, WorkForce Software 

Date: Thursday, November 4
Presentation Time Sydney: 2:00 PM
Presentation Time London: 9:00 AM
Presentation Time New York: 2:00 PM 

Having the right data is critical to making timely, proactive, and intelligent decisions.  

Join us as we show you how the WorkForce Suite’s executive-level, operational dashboards and dynamic KPIs can be harnessed by professionals to make more strategic, data-informed decisions that positively impact the workplace. 

In this session, we’ll also discuss our integrations framework and the new capabilities we’ve been adding to extend our platform ecosystem and give customers a better way to leverage the valuable data generated by WorkForce Software in their own enterprise reporting and data warehousing environments.

Setting Yourself Up For a Successful Implementation and Go-Live
Hope Bartgis, VP, Global Services, WorkForce Software and TBC Speaker 

Date: Thursday, November 4
Presentation Time Sydney: 9:00 AM
Presentation Time London: 9:00 AM
Presentation Time New York: 2:00 PM 

Successful WorkForce implementations take planning and preparation. As you begin your workforce management journey, we’ll share best practices for activities that should be incorporated into your pre-implementation planning, as well as your go-live. 

Our professional services team has extensive experience guiding and assisting customers through the journey. In this session, we’ll share best practices, experiences, and activities to consider as you embark and progress through your implementation. 

WorkForce Software Expert Speakers

Mike Morini

Joe Ross
Chief Product Officer

Marc Gingras
SVP, Employee Experience Strategy

Taressa George
Value Analyst

Adam Lumley
Director of Project Management

Denis Tuttle
Director of Services

Mike Doherty
Director of Product Management

Hope Bartgis
VP Global Services

Ryan Perry
Sr. Manager, Application Managed Services

Jon Olson
Director, Product Management