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Variable Workforce? Not a Problem.

Streamline schedule creation and meet the needs of your entire workforce with a solution employees love to use.

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Learn how the WorkForce Suite can help you manage costs and improve efficiencies.

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“Wage costs are the single biggest cost in every business. As a business, we’ve been coming under wage budget in the last 4 consecutive financial years since we have started using WorkForce Forecasting and Scheduling.”

— Fred Harrison, CEO, Ritchies Supermarkets

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Schedule Everyone. Anywhere.

Automatically create employee-friendly schedules aligned with your biggest priorities.

  • Accurately forecast demand and generate compliant, employee-friendly schedules in sync with each store’s top priorities
  • Easily schedule multi-task shifts so you easily rotate responsibilities and keep employees engaged
  • Access multiple dynamic scheduling views with versatile filters to suit your business needs
Scheduling Task Management
Scheduling Demand and Coverage

Optimise Business Performance

Increase sales, improve the customer experience, and boost productivity across all locations.

  • Optimise coverage for all departments and locations while automatically taking employee availability and store policies into account
  • Avoid over or understaffing and maximise customer service—even during peak hours and key promotions
  • Increase employee productivity and reduce turnover so managers can focus on elevating skills levels rather than training hordes of new hires

Keep Your Employees Engaged

Offer your employees a breakthrough user experience, available on any device.

  • Allow employees to manage their schedules, request leave, update availability, pick up extra shifts, and more, via their mobile devices
  • Publish fair and predictable schedules and allow employees to swap shifts, request time off, and access timesheets on the go
  • Provide complete visibility around work hours and pay calculations—including overtime and location-specific pay rates
Timesheet Calculated Results

Simplify Compliance

Stop struggling to demonstrate compliance with myriad regulations.

  • Automate compliance with legislative requirements—including fair scheduling laws and schedule change notifications
  • Automatically schedule breaks in compliance with applicable labour laws and agreements
  • Maintain a complete audit trail of all changes made so you can easily supply proof of compliance when needed—even when employees work across multiple store locations

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