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Ritchies Supermarkets

“Wage costs are the single biggest cost in every business. As a business, we’ve been coming under wage budget in the last 4 consecutive financial years since we have started using WorkForce Forecasting and Scheduling.”

Fred Harrison

CEO, Ritchies Supermarkets

Ritchies Supermarkets

Founded in 1852, Ritchies is the largest independent licensed supermarket group in Australia with 80 stores. Ritchies replaced their manual, paper-based workforce management processes with WorkForce Forecasting and Scheduling providing their employees with self-service tools to manage their schedules. Ritchies increases productivity across their workforce by scheduling the right employees with the right skills at the right time.

WorkForce Suite for Retail

The WorkForce Suite helps retailers streamline schedule creation, accurately forecast labour demands, and maximise workforce productivity.

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