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The Keys to Thriving in Extraordinary Times

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The journey to getting the world back to work is not over. We’ve changed or accelerated operating models, optimized for agility, migrated legacy technology to the cloud, adopted emerging technology, and/or overhauled the employee and customer experiences.

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New or accelerated, there exists a common thread across these initiatives: they all had a material impact on our workforces—not just how, when, and where your employees work—but in some cases, what they do.

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The WorkForce Suite can ease the significant amount of change to your workforce by empowering you to make swift, informed decisions for a game-changing shift from surviving to thriving now and into the future.

Making the Most of Your New Operating Model


Without the right workforce management solution, a change in your operating model is nearly impossible to get right the first time around. The WorkForce Suite will empower you to remain focused and avoid the pitfalls of uninformed decisions by giving you valuable insights and tools that help you continuously refine as your operating models evolve and momentum builds. 

  • Fast track the opening of new locations and form new teams with job-driven scheduling; quickly identify workers with complementary skills to fill new roles or by pairing top talent with new recruits or those less proficient
  • Differentiate core and flex work hours for remote work environments to set expectations and ensure the coverage you need
  • Support hybrid work schedules that alternate between onsite vs. offsite work and set the right expectations for when and where work is to be performed
Optimize Your Workforce Management Agility
Optimize Your Workforce Management Agility

Optimize Your Workforce Management Agility


Changing mandates and guidelines, new or waning demand for your products and services and similar disruptions can cause chaos. You need solutions that can enable smart decision making and give you the best chance to embrace opportunity.

  • Minimize unnecessary labor costs due to out-of-your control situations, such as changes in demand or occupancy levels with machine learning labor forecasting
  • Quickly fill last-minute shifts with qualified, fit-for-duty employees
  • Easily transition between onsite and offsite work with diverse time capture options
  • Predictive and proactive alerts prevent non-compliance and help control overtime
  • A class-leading rules engine eases the administrative overhead of new and changing legislation or contract rules, including retroactive ones


Modern Cloud Technology That Keeps Pace with the Future


Don’t be left behind. Stay up to date and future-ready while improving the user experience with modern enterprise-wide workforce management in the cloud that is accessible from any device, anywhere. 

  • Empower leaders and drive smart decision making with unmatched visibility into how your workforce is performing
  • Eliminate multiple niche workforce management systems with one that covers your entire unique workforce without compromise
  • Extend your IT team with our experts who solely focus on global data security, privacy compliance, and proving compliance with independent third-party evidence
  • Scale quickly when new opportunities come to light, such as acquisitions, new locations, new products, or new teams


Meaningful Adoption of Emerging Technology

Meaningful Adoption of Emerging Technology

Emerging technology like digital assistants, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and bots can be game changers when it comes to eliminating the noise from non-urgent tasks. The WorkForce Suite empowers your organization with:

  • The AI-enabled WorkForce Assistant that prioritizes tasks and removes the noise of non-urgent requests that can wait
  • Predictive and proactive alerts to let you know when situations arise that could be problematic—such as unplanned overtime—so you can address it when it matters most
  • Machine-learning labor forecasting that predicts how many people you need at fractions of an hour to meet projected demand and eliminate over and understaffing


Meaningful Adoption of Emerging Technology

Is Your Secret to Success Engaged Employees?

Engaged employees aren’t just happy productive employees, they care about the quality of the products and services they deliver, meeting deadlines and keeping customers coming back for more. The WorkForce Suite can take employee engagement to the next level.

  • Fair and predictive schedules give employees a chance to easily resolve conflicts with personal commitments for an improved work/life balance
  • Real-time calculations of hours and gross pay allow employees to confirm accuracy before payroll is processed
  • Granular visibility of available time off (current and projected) gives employees the opportunity to plan their downtime from work
  • Transparency into eligibility of all leave of absence benefits (legislative, contractual, and corporate) and how they correspond with one another
  • Fair and consistent application of rules, such as attendance policies, pay rules, and shift offers, across the workforce to eliminate perceived bias
  • Automated pulse surveys check on employee wellbeing when work hours fall outside of the norm to show employees you care


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