WorkForce Software’s EmpCenter Delivered Supports Complex Labor Policies and Compliance Management for Organizations

Livonia, Mich., April 21, 2009 – WorkForce Software, Inc., the leader in workforce management solutions for organizations with complex policies and compliance concerns, launches EmpCenter® Delivered, the only Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) workforce management solution which automates 100% of an organization’s labor policies and compliance processes – with no upfront configuration services fees.

Because organizational workforce policies differ so widely, no software vendor can pre-configure those rules based on assumptions. In addition, interfaces to an organization’s other business systems must be configured. This means the software must be configured to each organization’s rules and environment. These implementation services are usually paid at the onset of the software subscription. With EmpCenter Delivered, customers now have the option to have these implementation fees embedded into the cost of the subscription. The result is that the organization realizes ROI day one – without a capital expenditure.

As a method of delivering software solutions, SaaS popularity is on the rise as it has gained more traction in applications where the requirements range from simple to moderately complex. However, enterprise workforce management requirements tend to have more complexity. EmpCenter Delivered manages these complex requirements and maintains high performance levels that support employers with 1,000 to over 100,000 employees. The unique architecture of EmpCenter Delivered makes it the only workforce management solution that is completely configurable to any organization’s needs. WorkForce Software is the only enterprise workforce management vendor to offer this level of adaptability with zero up-front investment.

WorkForce Software’s EmpCenter Delivered solution offers an extensive range of product functionality to meet the specific requirements of large organizations with complex policies and compliance concerns. These include Time and Attendance, Activity Based Costing, Multiple Assignments, Absence Management, and Advanced Scheduling. WorkForce Software also has extensive industry experience in solving complexity and compliance.

“As we approach our 10th anniversary, our company continues to provide best-in-class workforce management solutions, but our EmpCenter Delivered solution, which meets the most demanding needs of the largest organizations, represents the pinnacle of our achievements,” said Howard Tarnoff, senior vice president of sales and marketing for WorkForce Software. “Labor regulations continue to broaden and evolve, creating a greater need for workforce management solutions. But, in today’s economic environment where capital funds are limited, EmpCenter Delivered offers the perfect SAS-70 compliant solution to employers searching for a strategic advantage without the need for any up-front fees.”

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