WorkForce Software’s EmpCenter® Solution Helps Manage Employee Time for Telecommuters While Reducing Costly Lawsuits for Employers

Livonia, Mich., September 16, 2008 – WorkForce Software, Inc., a leader in workforce management solutions, announces functionality that helps green conscious businesses minimize their environmental impact. The continuously growing concern of global warming has businesses reevaluating how they conduct business. Telecommuting is one of the fastest growing trends in the green workplace, and WorkForce Software’s EmpCenter solution helps businesses support telecommuting.

One concern employers have regarding telecommuting is how they will manage compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and other labor laws for non-exempt employees. EmpCenter Workforce Management software tracks employee time to help employers manage work hours. EmpCenter Time and Attendance is the core of the EmpCenter suite and provides a paperless method for tracking the hours worked while enforcing business rules that manage how employees are paid. EmpCenter helps employers schedule the right employees for the right jobs, and then tracks the time spent on those jobs, all the while enforcing rules that determine how those employees should be paid.

EmpCenter is designed to enforce HR policies, business rules, and state and federal regulations, regardless of their complexities. For example, employees will not be allowed to clock in early or clock out late when overtime procedures have not been met, and managers are alerted immediately to any issues. Both employees and managers approve timesheets to ensure the time recorded is accurate. EmpCenter also maintains records of employee hours, and approvals, for reporting and auditing purposes.

Many employers are promoting remote work as a way to minimize environmental impact. This helps employees and employers alike. By minimizing drive times, remote access reduces carbon emissions, air pollution, traffic congestion, and minimizes costs for roads, bridges, public transportation and more. Not only does this enhance an employer’s reputation, but telecommuting also provides better disaster recovery and cuts costs.

“Telecommuting is rising quickly due to the cost of gas and global warming effects,” said President and CEO Kevin Choksi of WorkForce Software. “Our EmpCenter software helps organizations feel confident with their decision to have remote employees by providing controls to better manage compliance and other regulations. Without the proper controls in place, employers are at risk for lawsuits, which can be administered better by keeping better records of employee hours. EmpCenter manages this process.”

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