EmpCenter™ Connect for SAP® Provides Seamless SAP Integration

Livonia, Mich., January 29, 2008 – WorkForce Software, Inc., a leader in workforce management solutions, and Junot Systems, a leading provider of embedded SAP integration solutions announced today that they recently signed a letter of intent to integrate the EmpCenterTM product suite with SAP® R/3® and mySAP® using Junot Systems’ patented and SAP-certified NLINK® technology. WorkForce Software also announced today the release and general availability of the EmpCenter Connect for SAP addition to its EmpCenter suite.

Using field-proven, patented, and SAP-certified technology, EmpCenter Connect for SAP significantly reduces the time, expense, and risk of integrating EmpCenter with SAP. With pre-built, standardized, and supported interfaces, there is no enduser programming required and nothing to install on the SAP system.

With a much smaller footprint than other SAP integration solutions on the market today, EmpCenter Connect for SAP comes with a number of pre-built and distinct interfaces between EmpCenter and SAP that allow customers to easily download active employee data to EmpCenter and to upload the payroll data to SAP. This ensures real-time data transfer and provides a seamless process for maintaining employee data and generating accurate paychecks – critical to any employer.

“EmpCenter Connect for SAP significantly reduces the time, expense, and risk of integrating EmpCenter with SAP. There is no end user programming required with our pre-built, standardized, and supported interfaces that can be quickly implemented and easily configured,” says Kevin Choksi, CEO of WorkForce Software. “Junot Systems has been successfully providing SAP integration for many years and we are pleased to have the opportunity to offer our customers this proven integration technology,” he added.

“WorkForce Software came to us with very specific requirements for the technology that was to be used in their SAP integration solution,” says Peter Slater, president and CEO of Junot Systems. “Their customers are requesting the use of a field proven, SAP certified solution that can provide robust real-time integration across a broad range of SAP releases. NLINK’s successful ten-year deployment history and Junot Systems’ in-house depth of SAP integration technology and expertise was a logical choice.”

About Junot Systems

Using their patented NLINK technology, Junot Systems, Inc. provides affordable, shrink-wrapped SAP integration solutions that allow companies to connect their plant floor to their SAP systems faster, with reduced risk and at a lower delivered cost than would otherwise be possible. Fast to implement and easy to change, NLINK’s reliable, scalable, flexible and manageable SAP Certified interfaces enable companies to remove the risk and delay associated with traditional SAP integration projects. For more information on Junot Systems, and the NLINK product suite please visit the Junot Systems corporate web site at www.junotsystems.com.

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