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On this episode of the Leaders of Modern Finance podcast, WorkForce Software’s Chief Financial Officer, Bob Feller, shares his insights from running a successful finance organization at a growing global SaaS software company offering modern workforce management solutions to some of the world’s biggest brands. 

Host Ben Murray of The SaaS CFO taps into Feller’s experience with the transition from running the finance and accounting on enterprise software housed on company servers, to today’s SaaS model of running everything in the cloud. 

Feller wants his department to accelerate the growth of the business, not be a roadblock to progress, which tends to happen when the finance department is purely in an admin role.  

By creating a finance business partner group within the company, his team works with the whole organization, treating the business as a customer. Providing great customer service becomes the focus.  

“The business needs a financial roadmap to properly function and grow. Stakeholders need to be able to see a plan in order to be fully invested in what they are doing,” Feller says. “The team is everything.”