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Business leaders have had a crash course in people management over the past two years. Before we attempt to plan our management strategies amid continued pandemic-related uncertainty, we must first reflect on the past 18 months

So how do we think we performed during 2020 & 2021 in relation to the world of work? Steve Tonks, SVP – EMEA at WorkForce Software, dives into the question with Business Reporter.

Managing any organisation that survived multiple lockdowns is a huge achievement. But as we rushed to preserve cash flow and protect our supply chains through the pandemic, we often forgot to support the most important part of our businesses: our people.

41% of UK employees are considering quitting their jobs in search of more fulfilling work, and up to 95% of employees have thought about leaving their roles globally. And with absenteeism costing UK businesses £14bn in 2020, we’re all losing productivity.

To create a happier workforce and better manage people moving forward, Tonks sees three clear talent management challenges to overcome.

First, listen to your employees – or risk losing them. “The Great Resignation” will continue into the foreseeable future without a clear focus on improving the employee experience. Ask for your workers’ input and take the feedback seriously.

“Whether it was long hours, outdated technology, or a lack of flexibility, our staff on the ground have a far better first-hand idea of what went wrong during the pandemic than those at corporate headquarters, who are almost completely removed from the customer,” Tonks says. “And as a result, they may know how to make it right.”