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With 2022 guaranteed to show continued growth and development in HR tech software, Nick Bailey, SVP – APJ at WorkForce Software, lays out several key insights for the year to come.

Bailey explains that decision-makers are shifting their focus towards the employee experience and maximising workflow efficiencies. This is reflected in the dramatic shift in how we work due to COVID-19.

“2021 has graced us with its challenges with the ongoing pandemic continuing to shift the way we work and push business leaders, employers and employees alike to adapt and be agile to these many changes,” Bailey says. 

As these shifts in ways of working have also acted as the catalyst to adaptations in HR tech, what can we expect to see in 2022?

By 2025, two-thirds of the workforce will hail from Gen Y and Gen Z. These two groups are digitally native, have high expectations and want to be heard by their employer.

Bailey says to prepare for this generational shift adequately, companies will look to keep pace with technology advancements, he says 2022 will see companies continuing to improve their technology, with digitisation having a significant impact on employee experience.

“Seventy-eight percent of employees say technology provided is a key factor when choosing an employer,” Bailey says. “This includes common manager and employee processes such as the ability to check a schedule, request time off, check pay, bid for overtime and more.”

Moving into 2022, there will be an increased focus on returning to growth and building resilience. Bailey says ongoing challenges will plague the labour market so that excellent employee experience will be a key differentiator for competitive advantage.