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Manufacturing in Australia is set to undergo significant change during the next decades, and workforce issues are already beginning to bite.   

WorkForce Software’s SVP of APJ, Nick Bailey, discusses why investing in modern workforce management technology is crucial to the success of businesses, especially manufacturers.   

Right now, skills shortages and a lean cost environment means employee investments can suffer. These challenges come at a pivotal time for the sector.  

But what about investing in employees? Finding — and keeping — skilled workers is an ongoing challenge, and the pressure won’t ease quickly.  

“Making smart, fast decisions is crucial to building and maintaining momentum in the sector and ensuring that productivity is optimised – a much easier task when employees are engaged and connected into the process,” Bailey says. 

The global COVID-19 pandemic has enlivened the local manufacturing sector, which in turn has sparked an investment in technologies on the floor for process automation to boost productivity. 

Bailey says, “Artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning overlaying the data enables leaders to drive momentum in their business. The WorkForce Suite is primed to supply data and recommendations to leaders for daily, even hourly, decision-making and actions, which can be used as a catalyst for growth.”