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After nearly two years of the ongoing pandemic, employee stress and mental health issues are on the rise. Now comes another complication for many workers: stress surrounding end-of-year and holiday planning.

“The holidays are one of the busiest and most expensive times of the year for most employees,” says Leslie Tarnacki, SVP of Human Resources at WorkForce Software. “The additional tasks, both at work and at home, as well as added expenses, can bring increased stress and mental health issues.”

In addition to financial pressures—a shift in normal routines with additional obligations and gatherings and a loss of time can be stressful. Plus, many employees often work longer hours and have a variety of additional tasks to complete, Tarnacki explains.

“During the holidays, many employees are wrapping up year-end plans, developing new ones or stepping up to help manage heightened seasonal operations,” she says. “The increase in responsibilities in addition to everyday work ultimately increases stress levels.”

So, what does this mean for employers, especially in an already arduous year? How can they help? For answers, HRE spoke to Tarnacki.