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Higher Education

Diverse Employee Groups? We’ve Got You Covered.

Improve efficiencies across all employee groups and locations, from your faculty and support staff to part-time student workers.

WorkForce Suite for Higher Education

Learn how the WorkForce Suite can help you manage costs and improve efficiencies.

Oregon State University Customer Testimonial

See how Oregon State University improved payroll accuracy for 18,000 employees with the WorkForce Suite.

Build a Business Case for Your School

Learn how much your school can expect to save with a new workforce management solution.

“WorkForce Software doesn’t trip up when we ask them, ‘Hey, can we do this?’ They are right there and they help us get our business done.”

— Lissa Perrone, Director of Business Affairs, Oregon State University

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Oregon State University

When One Job is Not Enough

You’ve got employees who work multiple jobs. Now you can make it easy to manage them.

  • Create and process a separate timesheet for each position
  • Support multiple supervisors and approval workflows
  • Automatically complete all cross-timesheet calculations
Manager Timesheet Multiple Assignments

Control Labor Costs and Stay on Track with Budgets

Manage complex labor/budget tracking requirements, grant tracking, and certification of effort with ease

  • Allocate hours to departments, grants, projects, cost centers, and/or work orders for more precise budget tracking and reporting
  • Verify your employees’ work hours match their scheduled hours to prevent unplanned labor costs
  • Track and report on hours worked and funds used toward grants and other funding sources including work study programs

Simplify Compliance with Labor Laws and Union Agreements

Rest easy knowing the WorkForce Suite has you covered for every regulation or union rule—global or local, legislative or contractual with:

  • Pre-built best practices to automate labor laws and common business and union rules, including comp time
  • Flexible configuration for automation of your organization’s unique union rules and internal policies with configuration
  • Easily prove compliance with a complete audit trail of all changes made—whether applied in historical, current, or future periods
Manager Timesheet with Unique Rule
Absence Leave Case Eligibility

Manage Attendance, Absence and Leave, and Accommodations with Ease

Relieve the stress of tracking employee attendance and managing hundreds of leave cases and reasonable accommodations at once.

  • Automate time-off accruals, approval workflows, comp time, paid sick leave, and complex point-based attendance policies
  • Identify absence trends and simplify case management, including intermittent and concurrent leave cases and/or reasonable accommodations
  • Track attendance points and/or occurrences and validate hours worked against hours scheduled

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