Financial Services

In the face of constant change, you need a flexible, global-ready solution for managing your workforce. Our cloud based workforce management solutions provide:

  • Complete coverage for all employee types and locations
  • Multiple languages and holiday calendars
  • The flexibility to digitalize complex rules, including grandfathered exceptions
  • Seamless integration with other systems, such as HR and payroll
  • The ability to adapt as your organization grows
Financial Services

“Primarily, our goals were to have a significantly improved user experience and also increase efficiency in terms of how we were able to complete our people administration.”

Naomi Gould

Managing Director, People & Culture, ATB Financial

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What Workforce Management Can Do for You

EmpCenter for HR

Eliminate manual processes, cut payroll costs, and boost employee satisfaction.

EmpCenter for Finance

Improve profitability, reduce costs, and increase organizational performance.

EmpCenter for IT

Enable seamless integration with secure, cloud-based solutions.

EmpCenter for Operations

Boost productivity and drive financial performance.

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