Finance’s Guide to Workforce Management Software

Improve profitability and reduce costs without compromising business performance. Achieve greater cost efficiency with a global solution built to meet your existing and future workforce management needs. We’ll help you:

  • Reduce payroll errorsCapture accurate time data and eliminate manual processes to efficiently manage labor and payroll costs
  • Increase organizational performance – Enable more strategic scheduling processes to reduce overtime costs and unplanned absence
  • Mitigate compliance risks – Simplify compliance with hundreds of national and local labor laws and absence regulations
  • Prepare for tomorrow – From global expansion to new acquisitions, achieve the flexibility you need with our scalable and global solutions

“We run thin administratively on purpose, so any time we can adjust our efforts in ways that return more to the university… it just makes sense.”

Aaron Howell

Assistant Vice President and Controller, Oregon State University

Complete Coverage

Standardize workforce management processes for your entire workforce—including all salaried, hourly, and contingent workers. Eliminate gaps in labor reporting and gain true visibility across all locations globally.

Simplified Compliance

Streamline compliance with hundreds of national and local wage and hour laws and leave regulations while protecting your organization from the fines, litigation and brand degradation associated with noncompliance.

Reduced Labor Costs

Ensure greater accuracy by standardizing data capture and gross pay calculations. Eliminate errors and manual processes while giving managers the tools they need to manage your organization’s labor costs proactively.

Increased Efficiencies

Reduce the amount of time managers and payroll professionals spend reviewing timesheets and processing payroll. Identify mission critical best practices more readily and quickly deploy them across your entire workforce.

Finance eBook

Learn how to solve the 7 most common workforce management problems finance professionals encounter.

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