Benefits of Mobile Workforce Management

by | Nov 25, 2015

Benefits of Mobile Workforce Management

Did you miss the recent Why Mobile Workforce Management Matters to Every Employee webinar? In today’s recap we’ll walk you through the impact of today’s mobile landscape and discuss the benefits of making a mobile workforce management solution available to your entire workforce.

The Landscape Has Shifted

There are approximately 2.1 billion smartphone users on the planet. And when you look at the increase in smartphone subscription penetration over the last several years, the numbers are astounding. In 2009, only 18% of mobile phone users were on smartphones. By 2011 that number grew to 36%, and in 2014—just last year—subscriptions topped 64% 1. Today, more than two-thirds of mobile phone users are using internet-enabled smartphones, and that number continues to rise.

Mobile is literally everywhere. Its use is becoming more and more pervasive because we, as consumers, have become more demanding. And we expect that flexibility and convenience to bleed into our work lives.

As a result, employees are expecting to be able to use connected devices at work, too—which means that no matter what approach you take, whether you’re a Bring Your Own Device workplace or you provide devices—mobile workforce management is no longer optional or limited to distributed employee groups or those who work remotely. It’s expected, and all of your employees can benefit.

Mobile Applies to Your Entire Workforce

In the past, remote employees and shift workers required custom solutions for entering time or performing employee self-service activities. These solutions typically involved a combination of physical time clocks, telephony applications such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and even manual paper-based processes.

The increased availability of smartphones within your employee population allows a single mobile application to meet a variety of needs across multiple employee types. From time entry to scheduling to employee management, today’s mobile workforce management technologies are geared toward meeting the needs of your TOTAL workforce—no matter where they work or how they currently handle these processes.

When you give your employees access to the tools they need, where they need them, what you’re really doing is Making Work Easy—and that’s what we’re all about.

Workforce Management Challenges

Here at WorkForce Software, we recently conducted our annual workforce management trends survey with Workforce magazine, and we found that the most prevalent workforce management challenges are:

  • Organizational efficiency
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Risk and compliance

Let’s look at how mobile workforce management can help in each area.

Organizational Efficiency

Mobile workforce management improves efficiency with:

  • Clock time entry
  • Time spent on task (labor distribution)
  • Timesheet review
  • Timesheet edit
  • Submitting time sheets

These are tasks your employees HAVE to complete on a regular basis. Being able to perform these tasks via mobile saves your employees time and increases productivity.

Employee Satisfaction

Mobile workforce management improves employee satisfaction with:

These are the tasks your employees WANT to control. Providing this functionality via mobile empowers your employees with more information, more control, and the ability to complete tasks like submitting time-off requests in a timely manner.

Risk and Compliance

Mobile workforce management improves compliance with:

  • Timesheet reviews
  • Time-off approvals
  • Ensuring you have enough workers on hand at any given time
  • Complete transparency related to payroll calculations

These are the functions your managers NEED to complete. The high availability of mobile solutions means your managers can quickly and accurately complete these tasks from any location—whether they’re on the road or on the shop floor.

Are you interested in seeing a demo and learning more about selection considerations for choosing a mobile workforce management solution, in addition to tips and takeaways for how to make the most of mobile? Then click the button below to view the Why Mobile Workforce Management Matters to Every Employee webinar on demand now.

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