5 Reasons Employees Need Mobile Workforce Management

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5 Reasons Employees Need Mobile Workforce Management

Demand for mobile-enabled HR systems is on the rise1, and it’s more important than
ever to sort out which mobile processes are most closely tied to employee satisfaction and strategic business outcomes.

Here’s a look at five employee self-service features that are tailor-made for mobile workforce management:

  1. Entering time and labor data – Allowing on-the-go employees to clock in and out on their mobile devices puts data collection closer to the point of work, so the data entered is more precise and reliable. And with offline clocking capabilities, employees who work in remote locations or who don’t have consistent network access can reliably record hours and activities. So your organization can continue to collect the precise degree of granular labor data you need, no matter where your employees work.
  2. Accessing work schedules – Employees need consistent, dependable access to their schedules. Gone are the days when that meant going in to the office to see ‘what’s posted,’ yet many are still tied to a desktop application. With mobile scheduling capabilities, employees can see their schedules at any time, from any location. This allows them to make any necessary adjustments long before the shift begins. This visibility also benefits your business by decreasing last-minute absences and related schedule disruptions.
  3. Requesting sick or vacation time – Employees value the opportunity to balance work and personal responsibilities, and a well-timed vacation is a great way to ‘recharge the batteries.’ Knowing that they can submit time off requests via a mobile device, and that their manager can approve the request by the same means, simplifies the process. It also allows them to submit requests as soon as they know they’ll need the time off, whether they’re at work, home, or any other location. This is a win-win because the more advance notice you have about an employee absence, the better.
  4. Viewing time off bank balances – Similarly, employees and managers often need immediate access to accrual banks for the purpose of requesting or approving time off on the go. Particularly if your employees accrue a certain number of paid time off (PTO) hours per month, direct access to that data allows them to plan vacation and personal time more effectively. For the business, this ensures that employees are not asking for time off that they have not yet accrued, and facilitates a smoother time-off request process.
  5. Participating in job and vacation bidding – Another mobile workforce management self-service tool is job and vacation bidding. This allows employees to communicate their preferences regarding vacation times and/or long-term jobs or shifts. While a formal bidding process is often a requirement of collective bargaining agreements, the benefits extend to any organization that wants to offer employees a clear, consistent process for submitting job and vacation preferences.

Whether you provide devices for your workforce, or you have a BYOD (‘bring-your-own-device’) culture, we can help you put workforce management in the palm of your employees’ hands. To learn more about our mobile workforce management capabilities, request a personalized demonstration today.

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