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About WorkForce Software

WorkForce Software is a provider of cloud workforce management solutions that empower employees and managers to digitize time and labor processes, optimize demand driven scheduling, simplify absence management and enable strategic business insight. Our solution, the WorkForce Suite, adapts to your organization’s specific workforce management requirements no matter how unique your pay rules, labor regulations, schedules, and employee self service needs are.

Whether your employees are global, unionized, full time, part time, mobile, or seasonal, we make managing your workforce easy, more rewarding, and less costly.

WorkForce is the only vendor in the HCM space who focuses exclusively on the workforce management needs of today’s complex enterprise.

Award Winning and Recommended by Real Users

#1 Workforce Management Software
Info-Tech 2019 Gold Medalist
Info-Tech Emotional Footprint 2019 Champion
Info-Tech 2018 Gold Medalist

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