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Getting the World Back to Work

No matter what your “new normal” looks like, a safe and productive return to work—including pre-shift health screenings, contactless time reporting, cost optimization, and contact tracing and notifications—will safeguard your employees and give you the best opportunity to thrive in these uncharted waters.

Strike the Perfect Balance Between Employee Well-Being and Productivity

As your employees return to work, you must prioritize their well-being while adopting strategies to meet the needs of the current working environment to keep operations running smoothly. The WorkForce Suite helps you create a culture of caring while maintaining productivity levels with:


Online pre-shift employee health screenings to keep your workplace safe


Discreet contact notification of possible exposure


Contactless time reporting options to minimize cross-contamination


Advanced scheduling techniques that promote social distancing while achieving business goals


Feedback collection of employee sentiment while work is happening


Simplified administration and compliance with everchanging absence regulations

Reduce Risk of Exposure with Pre-Shift Health Screening

To flatten the curve of COVID-19, many regulatory authorities have mandated that health screenings be performed before employees begin work. Taking a multi-layered approach helps limit employee exposure to COVID-19 by:

  • Triggering discreet online surveys to perform a pre-shift health screening prior to arrival to evaluate exposure risks, confirm—or deny—clearance to report to work, and provide proof of clearance (e.g. QR code)
  • Capturing whether an employee has performed required on-site checks, such as mandatory temperature checks and personal protection equipment inspections
  • Preventing employees from clocking in for work if the requisite steps have not been taken
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Pre-Shift Health Screening

Warn Employees of Potential Exposure with Contact Tracing and Notification

It is critical to warn your employees when they may have been unintentionally exposed to COVID-19 while at work. The WorkForce Suite helps by:

  • Identifying individuals who may have been in contact with someone who has reported exposure or has been diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Notifying employees who have potentially been exposed to an affected colleague with a survey link to determine risk of exposure (e.g. same department, building, breakroom, etc.)
  • Suggesting next steps based on official guidelines by the Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization, government authorities, or other reputable resources

Contactless Clocking to Minimize Surface Transmission Risks

With shared devices or equipment comes the risk of surface transmission of COVID-19. To minimize those risks, the WorkForce Suite supports multiple options for contactless clocking, including:

  • Automatically determining and applying the appropriate transaction type (e.g. in or out) when the employee waves their proximity badge in front of the reader
  • Online time entry by manager on behalf of employees
  • Online time clocks using personal or employer-provided devices (e.g. PC, mobile device, etc.)
WorkForce 7100 Time Clock
Manager Dynamic Scheduling Task View Demand

Thrive with Responsible and Optimized Scheduling

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations have been forced to change how they deliver products and services, introduce stringent cleaning and sanitation procedures, and adjust staffing levels. To thrive in these uncertain times, you must adapt quickly to changing conditions. The WorkForce Suite’s future-ready advanced scheduling techniques help you:

  • Run what-if scenarios to determine when to re-open based on occupancy limits, social distancing guidelines, and demand
  • Make every schedule better than the last with machine learning labor forecasting that continually improves accuracy and optimizes your staffing levels in as little as 15-minute intervals based on your business drivers
  • Prioritize the roles essential to operations and account for new roles and activities
  • Stagger shift start and end times to promote social distancing
  • Quickly identify replacement staff when a pre-shift health check identifies an at-risk team member

Open the Lines of Communication to Capture Employee Sentiment

Employee sentiment regarding safety and support during the “at-work” experience can have an impact on engagement and productivity. The WorkForce Suite surveys employees after their shift to gain feedback on a number of situations, offering valuable insights into employee sentiment, such as:

  • Observation of social distancing policies
  • Access to suitable personal protection equipment
  • Cleaning and sanitation procedures
  • Contact tracing and notification procedures
Health Safety Survey
Absence Case Workflow

Managing an Increase in Absenteeism

Employee absenteeism and leave events have increased exponentially, forcing employers to fill gaps in essential roles and stay abreast with rapidly changing leave laws. The WorkForce Suite eases the impact with:

  • Simplified compliance and streamlined case management for continuous or intermittent leaves of absence
  • Advanced scheduling techniques to promote knowledge transfer
  • Easy management of flexible schedules that give employees the freedom to manage personal responsibilities while meeting their work obligations

Additional COVID-19 Resources

Visit WorkForce Software’s COVID-19 Resource Center for vital information.

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