Time and Attendance Essentials for Utility Firms

Featured Presenters:
Jonathan Corke, Director of Communications, WorkForce Software
John Gumpel, Solution Consultant, WorkForce Software

Complex union agreements meet 24/7 operational demands to create a dizzying array of pay rules and labor policies in the utilities industry. These needs outstrip the capabilities of most time tracking systems, and are among several factors that make it challenging to get the right processes and systems in place.

This webinar is designed to help utilities get what they need from a technology end, so that they can achieve automation without compromise and start working from credible and complete workforce data.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why configurability is critical, and how to identify a truly flexible tool
  • How “ease of use” is best measured for company-wide adoption
  • Why cloud delivery is especially important in workforce management
  • You’ll also get a live tour of EmpCenter, highlighting some of the ways it provides superior coverage and support for utility firms.

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