Insourcing Leave Management: Better for Employees, HR and the Business

Featured Presenters:
Dan Hadley, Solution Consultant, WorkForce Software
Jeff Frank, Product Manager – Absence Compliance Tracker, WorkForce Software

We’ve reached a tipping point. Managing the FMLA and other leaves of absence in a large or distributed organization is too complex—and too costly—to maintain the status quo. When the process outgrows a manual system, it’s easy to look at outsourcing options… but in many cases ‘insourcing’ is a better approach.

Join this webinar to learn some of the chief considerations for choosing an outsourced or insourced approach, and get a live tour of WorkForce ACT, a cloud-based leave management solution.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why leave administration is getting tougher to manage
  • Top challenges with the FMLA and other leave laws
  • Key differences between outsourcing and insourcing
  • Technology essentials for an insourcing approach
  • Prepare your business for more efficient and employee-friendly leave administration.

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