Emerging Workforce Management Trends & Best Practices

Featured Presenter:
Denise Broady, Chief Marketing Officer, WorkForce Software

For the sixth year in a row, WorkForce Software teamed up with Workforce magazine to survey nearly 1,000 human resources professionals across all industries. View this webinar for an insightful look at this year’s results—including the latest challenges and emerging best practices for managing employee time and scheduling, job-protected leave, and labor compliance.

You’ll learn:

  • How organizations like yours address time, scheduling, leave management, and labor compliance
  • Key takeaways for improving organizational efficiency, managing compliance, and boosting employee satisfaction
  • Which approaches are most effective for reducing labor costs, managing leave, and facilitating employee engagement
  • How employers are proactively shaping workforce management polices to attract and enable top talent

Workforce management tools are a vital part of organizational efforts to engage, utilize, analyze, and retain top talent.

- 2015-2016 Workforce Management Trend Survey

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