The ACA & Employers: A Reality Check

Featured Presenters:
Paul Kramer, Director of Compliance, WorkForce Software
Marc Moschetto, VP of Marketing, WorkForce Software

Several years in, we’re still not sure whether the Affordable Care Act will usher in the greatest health care improvements in decades or collapse under its own weight. For different stakeholders in this journey, both assessments have some truth – and the story continues to change. Yet, even though the employer mandate has been constantly evolving before even taking effect, organizations no longer have the luxury of ‘wait and see’. They need to be prepared… but for what exactly?

Join us for a frank discussion of where we are now, and what you can do about it, on the ACA. Legal and technology experts Paul Kramer and Marc Moschetto of WorkForce Software will cut through the noise, speculation, and hullabaloo to lay out the current facts and share actionable tips.

Attendees will learn:

  • The current state of the employer mandate
  • What upcoming milestones to watch for
  • Essentials for meeting IRS reporting requirements
  • How to simplify ACA compliance as part of a broader workforce management

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