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Labour Forecasting

Put an End to Missed Opportunities

Intelligently forecast your labour demands so that you don’t miss out on any chances to positively impact your business’s performance.

Labour Forecasting Demand and Coverage

Inaccurate Labour Forecasts are Expensive

Learn how the WorkForce Suite addresses this and 6 other (mis)management issues.

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The WorkForce Suite empowers you to accurately forecast labour demand.

Better Together

Multiply the power of forecasting labour demand with optimised scheduling.

Accurately Forecast Labour

Highly flexible and configurable algorithms predict labour demand based on your unique business drivers:

  • To account for one or more business metrics that are meaningful to your organisation
  • In as little as 15-minute increments using your historical data
  • At a granular level to address variations for locations, departments, events, or other unique circumstances
Dynamic Scheduling Planning

Reduce Your Labour Costs While Enhancing Employee Engagement

Plan ahead of the curve to maximise the effectiveness of your workforce and take control of your labour spend.

  • Minimise your overtime costs with a greater understanding of your future staffing needs
  • Prevent costly over-staffing practices that can lead to boredom, disengagement, and higher rates of turnover when there isn’t enough to do
  • Help your employees easily integrate work into their busy lives by creating and publishing schedules well in advance using forecasted demand

Delight Your Customers and Grow Your Revenue

Providing your customers with great customer service is one of the key pillars to your success. With accurate labour forecasts, you can:

  • Meet your customer demand with the right staffing levels at exactly the right time
  • Feel empowered to make commitments, and confident that you can deliver on them
  • Achieve higher spend rates and increase likelihood of repeat business

Better Together… Labour Forecasting and Scheduling

Combining labour forecasting and optimised scheduling will help you achieve even greater results. Learn more about our scheduling capabilities.

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