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WorkForce Experience

Every Employee, Every Day and Everywhere Work Happens

Great employee experiences create workplaces where people want to be. Communication, connections and access—all in the palm of your hand.

Explore the Employee Experience Gap

Most employers aren’t providing the employee experience they think they are.

Make Every Moment Matter

Read how to improve employee experience for the modern workforce.

Customer Success Story

Learn how Converse improved brand compliance through better communication with global partners.
Manager and Employee Hub

Simplified Communications That Are Easy To Use and Accessible to Everyone

Leaders know that consistent performance requires an informed and engaged workforce. Provide a secure place to reach and engage employees that works like their favorite app

  • Enable real-time communication and two-way conversations with direct messaging
  • Share important announcements and keep everyone up to date on the latest news and information
  • Give employees a place to collaborate, celebrate successes and share best practices

Connect Your Entire Team

Improve business outcomes by strengthening workplace bonds.

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Set Your Employees Up for Success with Instant Access to Information

Avoid frustration and help your employees get their work done right, on time, the first time. Easy access to documents in one place, accessible anytime, from anywhere.

  • Store and share documents with automatic versioning control so every file is up to date and HQ-approved
  • Give 24/7 access to standard operating procedures, visual guidelines, checklists and anything your team needs
  • Set permissions for who can see what so only relevant information is shown to each employee
Timesheet Calculated Results

Take Action on Employee Sentiment to Create Moments That Matter

Use real-time data to identify and act on employee experience improvements.

  • Give employees a voice by asking how they’re doing or requesting feedback from your entire workforce with automated surveys
  • Gather feedback based on workplace events, role-specific changes or adjustments to how your organisation operates
  • Reduce the time from feedback to action by making it easy for managers to act in the moment

Learn How HR Technologies Can Improve Employee Experience and Prevent Costly Turnover

Deskless workers have been left behind by recent technological advances in the office, leaving them unhappy and leaving in droves. This report will highlight how to craft a winning employee experience for your organisation. Key findings include:

  • Utilise multiple divisions to craft a solid EX strategy. IT, HR, and Operations must collaborate to achieve a full-sighted approach.
  • Frontline (Deskless) workers are currently being left behind. They do not have the same level of access to technology as their office counterparts and require different solutions to address their needs.
  • A proven tactic is to build upon your company’s pre-existing systems that are already frequently used by workers. Make the most of Task Management and Workforce Management Applications currently in use.
  • Think practical: deliver a solution that is accessible, practical, and fits into the flow of work.