WorkForce Crew Management

  • Improve labour data accuracy with real-time data collection in the field even if there is no connectivity
  • Increase productivity by providing the crew leader with tools to manage crew data efficiently and accurately
  • Drive employee engagement by supporting and automating productivity-based incentives

WorkForce Crew Management is designed for organisations who need to manage field crews—groups of employees who work together as a team at a variety of locations.

WorkForce Crew Management helps organisations effectively plan, track, and evaluate the work performed by field crews—including planning of daily crew membership, tracking, and submission of daily data for the entire crew by the crew leader. WorkForce Crew Management enables efficient mass entry of work time, activities, and productivity for multiple employees at once on a tablet device and full offline data collection at remote locations without connectivity.

Key Features

Dynamic crew

WorkForce Crew Management enables organisations to manage dynamic crews by capturing time, activity, and productivity data in the field. Managing such crews is usually challenging since crews often work at remote locations without internet access and the composition of a crew may change from day to day, as might the crew leader who is responsible for the crew’s activities.

Accurate labour data

The crew leader can enter or edit data for one or more crew members at once in real time, immediately when it occurs, or shortly thereafter, while it is still fresh in mind, leading to greater accuracy. With WorkForce Crew Management Mobile, the crew leader is the single person responsible for entering and correcting data for the entire crew, and for submitting that data at the end of the shift. Accountability encourages accuracy.

Mobile crew management

The crew leader can enter and maintain data on a tablet device—wherever they are and immediately when needed—with or without connectivity. No need to walk to a separate location or wait and perform data entry as a separate chore later.


WorkForce Crew Management allows crew leaders to enter individual or whole-crew productivity in the field. At the end of the shift, immediately after the data is submitted, the system automatically calculates any productivity-based incentives. Crew members can be allowed to preview their calculated pay and incentives each day, amplifying the impact of the incentives with immediate visibility.

WorkForce Crew Management

WorkForce Crew Management

Effectively plan, track, and evaluate the work performed by field crews with WorkForce Crew Management.

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