WorkForce Absence Compliance Tracker

Globally track employee leaves over any duration and for any absence type, with one powerful, centralised tool. WorkForce Absence Compliance Tracker (ACT) is immensely configurable, and can provide real-time views into the amount of time available for any number of differing sick, vacation, time in lieu, and other personal time off banks—in addition to the vast range of regulated leaves of absence. Employees, managers, and HR all work from the same reliable, current data.

  • Simplify leave requests by allowing employees to submit requests from virtually any web-enabled device
  • Inform managers by giving them a clear line of sight into individual requests and group calendars
  • Improve workload planning by understanding exactly who will be on leave at any given time
  • Reduce absence expense by streamlining the process and curbing excessive or unearned leave requests

“WorkForce Software doesn’t trip up when we ask them ‘Hey, can we do this?’ They are right there and they help us get our business done.”

Lissa Perrone

Director of Business Affairs, Oregon State University

Key Features


Centralise disparate types of time off

WorkForce Absence Compliance Tracker supports an unlimited number of leave banks, with unlimited variety in their rules and conditions. These banks can apply to distinct worker groups, distinct accrual increments (such as hours, days, or weeks), and distinct accrual frequencies (such as by week, pay period, calendar year, or anniversary date), in order to precisely match your business rules. This flexibility assures you of a single, global platform for automating leave management, no matter what the future holds.

Reduce absence-related costs

Employers benefit from better reporting on absences and extended leaves, dramatically reduce the manual administration relating to leave requests, and are able to establish more consistent practices across locations. Further, an automated approach to leave and absence management helps reduce absence ‘leakage’ or fraud. When the amount of leave time available to an employee is clearly displayed, there is little opportunity to take more leave than is allowed. Curbing excess leave can generate substantial labour cost savings for a large employer.

Improve the employee experience

WorkForce ACT provides a highly graphical and guided time off request experience for employees. Immediate access to time off bank balances help them plan with greater convenience and confidence than ever before. Our absence management software also provides employee self-service capabilities to manage and view request leaves, view available balances, and check work schedules using a web browser.

Help employees plan with confidence

Employees and managers have the option of viewing “what-if” scenarios for considering future time off plans, by forecasting ahead to a future pay period to see how much leave will be available. The projections for any future time period automatically incorporate any approved leaves and any additional leave time that will accrue up to that point, giving employees a view they can be fully confident in.

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