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#1 Workforce Management Software Rated by Real Users

2 years in a row!

Info-Tech Research Group has named WorkForce Software the #1 vendor for workforce management software 2 years in a row! Using data collected from real end users, WorkForce Software was top-rated in both 2018 and 2019. Download both reports to see how we lead the category by putting our customers first.
Info-Tech 2019 Gold Medalist
Info-Tech Research Group CX Champion 2019
Info-Tech 2018 Gold Medalist

Info-Tech Workforce Management Category Report, November 2019

Info-Tech Research Group Data Matrix 2019

The Data Quadrant is a thorough evaluation and ranking of all software in an individual category to compare platforms across multiple dimensions. These include:

  • Individual Feature Evaluations
  • User Satisfaction Rankings
  • Vendor Capability Comparisons
  • Likeliness to recommend the platform

Info-Tech Workforce Management Emotional Footprint Report, July 2019

Info-Tech Research Group Data Diamond 2019

The Emotional Footprint is a powerful indicator of overall user sentiment toward the relationship with the vendor, capturing data across five dimensions. These include:

  • Strategy and Innovation
  • Service Experience
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Product Impact
  • Negotiation and Contract

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