Employee Time Tracking Solutions

We offer a variety of options, allowing you to choose the combination of employee time tracking tools that best suits each environment and worker group. Our employee time clocks and online timesheets, seamlessly integrate with our WorkForce Suite.

We may be able to interface with your existing time clock systems. For more information on integration with your current equipment, contact WorkForce Software.

  • Precisely capture clock-in and clock-out times, meal breaks, and labor distribution data, improving timesheet and payroll accuracy
  • Authenticate workers with reliable biometric readers that blend organizational security with end-user convenience
  • Match self-service features to employee-specific needs through a variety of online and hardware clocking options, including mobile self-service
  • Present real-time data to managers and staff at any location through tightly linked software and time clock systems

Key Features

Online Time Clocks

The online time clock built into our WorkForce Suite provides a convenient and highly cost-effective means of employee time tracking. Available from any authorized device or kiosk, online time clocks allow employees to quickly punch-in, punch-out, and/or record labor distribution information. When an employee records a transaction, the WorkForce Suite automatically stamps the time from the server—adjusted for each time zone—so you can be confident that your data is accurate. Online time clocks can also be integrated with low-cost biometric fingerprint readers and/or badge readers to increase security and sync employee log-ins with physical entry into the building or a specific area. This approach also allows you to eliminate the expense of dedicated badge readers for building access.

Online Timesheets

The WorkForce Suite offers multiple online timesheet formats that allow employees, managers, or timekeepers to enter employee time and labor information from any web-enabled device. This method of employee time tracking is entirely configurable and can easily be tailored to match your input formats and collection requirements—such as whether you need to track specific clock-in and clock-out times or record time elapsed. Employee time data is immediately validated against your specific policies, as well, improving data accuracy across the organization.

Mobile Devices

Your employees are already accustomed to using smartphones and tablets. Why not leverage the same technologies to allow greater connectivity between managers, employees, and your clients? Whether your team needs to efficiently punch in and out from work, request time off, or track hours worked for specific projects, we can put the power of a flexible mobile workforce management platform right in the palm of your employees’ hands.

Phone Time Entry

Ideal for organizations with mobile, field, and remote employees, our phone-based interactive voice response (IVR) option easily collects employee time, labor distribution, and billing codes. Employees can also report absences, as well as departments and locations worked. A multilingual solution, IVR supports call scripts in multiple languages to provide familiar data entry prompts for all employees.

Time Clocks

We offer a comprehensive array of wall-mounted employee time clocks—including magnetic stripe, bar-code, and proximity readers—eliminating the need to rebadge existing employees. WorkForce badge readers instantly transmit labor data during normal business operations. During periods of time when your server or network is down, our badge readers store transactions in a queue, ready to be transmitted when your system is again up and running.

Biometric readers eliminate the age-old problem of ‘buddy-punching.’ Commonly known as biometric fingerprint readers, these devices use capillary mapping technology to authenticate each person. When paired with WorkForce Time and Attendance, biometric readers offer added security and reduce costs.

Mobile Workforce Management

Mobile Workforce Management

You do not have to worry about deploying and supporting device-specific apps with WorkForce Mobile Time and Attendance.

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