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Take a Tour of the WorkForce Suite

Take a Tour of the WorkForce Suite 

Your organization is unique. It’s what differentiates you in your market and it’s what drives WorkForce Software to continually deliver innovative ways to embrace that uniqueness across every schedule, every rule, and every employee—without compromise.  

The WorkForce Suite provides a seamless, modern user experience that is fast and responsive across desktop, smartphone, and tablet to bring its feature-rich Scheduling, Time and Attendance, and Absence and Leave Management capabilities to life. In this product tour, you will discover how the WorkForce Suite: 

  • Improves data accuracy with precise capture of employee time and automation of pay calculations 
  • Improves productivity and reduces costs with artificial intelligence and machine learning  
  • Boosts employee engagement by empowering employees to have a say in their work experience  
  • Simplifies compliance with labor laws, absence regulations, unique bargaining agreements, and company-specific rules  

Ready to see the WorkForce Suite in action? Complete the form to watch the full video!

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