Australian Heritage, Global Experience, and Strong Partnerships Bring Greater Value to Clients

LIVONIA, Mich. (February 5, 2015) – WorkForce Software, the leading provider of workforce management solutions, today announced expanded investments in Australia and New Zealand with the launch of WFS: A WorkForce Software Company (“WFS Australia”). Blending global expertise with an Australian heritage, WFS Australia delivers award-winning workforce management solutions for companies of all sizes.

In May 2013, WorkForce Software acquired the Australian online scheduling solutions company, RosterLive. Addressing the unique requirements of small to medium-sized businesses, the RosterLive brand is now incorporated into WFS Australia and its product suite rebranded as EmpLive. WFS Australia will also actively market, deliver, and support the enterprise solution, EmpCenter—bringing one of the world’s leading workforce management suites closer to organizations throughout Australia, New Zealand and the greater APAC region.

Through these two cloud-based suites, WorkForce Software provides employers with the tools they need to automate and improve critical processes including time and attendance, staff scheduling, absence and leave, and fatigue management.

Leslie Tarnacki, VP and GM of WFS Australia said: “Australia has a growing, highly competitive workforce management market. Through RosterLive we have built a significant presence and great client relationships in Australia in the SME market. We currently provide workforce management solutions to more than 250 customers locally, such as Melbourne Racing Club, Baker’s Delight, Anglican Care, Armourguard and Priceline Pharmacies. WFS Australia will grow that footprint plus expand into the enterprise sector with EmpCenter, creating a unified brand that can further accelerate our growth.”

Leslie Tarnacki added, “For Australian companies to compete successfully on an international playing field they need to focus on unlocking the skills and knowledge that their employees can bring to the organization. WFS Australia can deliver the right workforce management solutions to help improve overall productivity and, ultimately, a company’s bottom line.”

About WorkForce Software

WorkForce Software is the leader in workforce management software for organizations with complex policies and compliance concerns. Through its EmpCenter® workforce management suite, WorkForce Software enables organizations to fully automate time and attendance processes, effectively manage employee absence and leave, optimize staff scheduling, gain real-time visibility into labor costs and productivity, and mitigate the risks associated with employee fatigue. Hundreds of leading organizations rely on WorkForce Software solutions to streamline compliance, reduce labor costs, and provide more intuitive tools to their employees, and achieve strategic HR on a global basis.

About WFS: A WorkForce Software Company

WFS: A WorkForce Software Company (WFS Australia) is a leading provider of cloud-based workforce management solutions for Australian and New Zealand employers. The company’s EmpCenter and EmpLive suites enable organisations to automate time and attendance, streamline absence and leave management, optimise staff rostering, gain real-time visibility into labour costs and productivity, and mitigate the risks of employee fatigue. EmpCenter® is an enterprise-grade software suite that provides total workforce coverage and simplifies labour compliance for large and multinational employers. EmpLive (previously sold as RosterLive) offers powerful functionality that can be rapidly deployed in small to midsized organisations.

Based in Sydney, WFS Australia pairs local expertise with the strength and stability of a global provider. More than 250 Australian and New Zealand companies rely on WFS Australia solutions today.

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Note to editors: EmpCenter® is a registered trademark of WorkForce Software in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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