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Member Colleges Gain Expedited Access to Proven Solution

LIVONIA, Mich. (June 11, 2014) – WorkForce Software, a leading provider of workforce management solutions, today announced that it has been selected as a qualified provider of time and attendance solutions of the Texas Association of Community Colleges (TACC). The agreement paves the way for member colleges to automate their full spectrum of time and labor requirements in the cloud by offering EmpCenter, a trusted solution for higher education, at a pre-negotiated rate through TACC’s Cooperative Purchasing Network.

TACC is a non-profit association that includes all 50 public community college districts in the state. The community colleges of Texas view student success as the central and defining part of their collective mission, and TACC was formed to further that mission. One essential component is TACC’s Cooperative Purchasing Network, a statewide purchasing organization designed to increase efficiency and economy when investing in new goods and services.

On behalf of member organizations, TACC identifies and vets established solution providers that have a demonstrated track record of supporting higher education requirements. In the search for a cloud-based workforce management solution, TACC determined that WorkForce Software’s EmpCenter was the best fit.

“We feel that WorkForce Software provides a robust ‘best of breed’ approach to workforce management that allows each of our member colleges to automate time and pay requirements for the entire workforce, and that can be tailored to fit the unique operational needs of each college,” commented Charlie Oberrender, Director of Cooperative Purchasing for TACC. “We are pleased to offer this product to our members.”

EmpCenter’s standard coverage for distinct higher education requirements, such as comprehensive support for employees with multiple jobs and the precise allocation of work hours to grants, make it uniquely able to provide the total automation that TACC expects. For more information about the agreement, visit

About WorkForce Software

WorkForce Software is the leader in workforce management software for organizations with complex policies and compliance concerns. Through its EmpCenter® and RosterLive workforce management suites, WorkForce Software enables organizations to fully automate time and attendance processes, effectively manage employee absence and leave, optimize staff scheduling, gain real-time visibility into labor costs and productivity, and mitigate the risks associated with employee fatigue. Hundreds of leading organizations rely on WorkForce Software solutions to streamline compliance, reduce labor costs, provide more intuitive tools to their employees, and achieve strategic HR on a global basis.

About the Texas Association of Community Colleges

The Texas Association of Community Colleges (TACC) is a non-profit association that includes all 50 public community college districts in the state. The General Appropriations Bill and legislation affecting public community colleges in general have been and remain the principal concerns of TACC. The community colleges of Texas understand that the most critical part of their mission focuses on the success of the students who seek educational opportunities at our institutions. For further information about TACC, please visit

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