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LIVONIA, Mich. (October 11, 2013) – The Washington State Department of Enterprise Services is pleased to announce that a contract has been signed with WorkForce Software of Livonia, Mich., to implement the state’s new Time, Leave, and Attendance (TLA) application. The EmpCenter® application will provide the state with the latest timekeeping technology to support the state’s complex time collection and leave management requirements.

The selection of WorkForce Software was preceded by an extensive requirements building process that included input by a cross-section of state agencies. The RFP process was launched with the release of the RFP (request for proposals) in February 2013, and extended through the summer with proposal reviews, product demonstrations, implementation planning sessions and finally contract negotiations.

The TLA project is a partnership of state agencies under the leadership of the Office of Financial Management with implementation and operational support provided by the Department of Enterprise Services. The Departments of Transportation and Ecology will be initial implementers. After these implementations, other agencies will begin implementation.

According to Project Manager Michael York, agencies currently use dozens of methods and systems to track time and leave requests. “Many still use paper timesheets,” says York. “This makes it difficult to ensure that state, federal and collective bargaining rules are consistently applied statewide.”

Once TLA is implemented, employees will report their time using an electronic timesheet that is automatically routed to the correct time approver. This new automated process streamlines both agency and statewide business processes and eliminates the use of paper records at several levels.

WorkForce Software has a proven record in workforce management solutions with hundreds of implementations in a variety of industries. The company’s software, WorkForce Suite for Public Sector, is configured to automate complex time and labor policies in government. The software is designed to help large, diversified government employers meet the unique needs of each department, while providing a simple web-based access that can be tailored to each user group.

According to Enterprise Services CIO Dawn Tatman, “TLA is a top priority for our organization and state government over all. We see it as the first step in the modernization of the state’s aging financial systems.”

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WorkForce Software is the leader in workforce management software for organizations with complex policies and compliance concerns. Its EmpCenter® suite enables organizations to fully automate time & attendance processes, effectively manage employee absence and leave, optimize staff scheduling, gain real-time visibility into labor costs and activities through robust analytic and reporting tools, and mitigate the risks associated with employee fatigue across the enterprise. Hundreds of leading organizations, including the University of California, Blizzard Entertainment, AMF Bowling, Duke Energy and BBVA Compass, rely on EmpCenter to streamline compliance, reduce payroll costs, provide more intuitive tools to their employees, and achieve strategic HR on a global basis.

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