Web Services is Key in Expanded EmpCenter Solutions

Livonia, Mich., November 17, 2009 – WorkForce Software, Inc., the leader in workforce management solutions for organizations with complex policies and compliance concerns, releases its white paper, “Web Services and the WorkForce Software Solution.”

WorkForce Software’s EmpCenter enables Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) by seamlessly integrating within an existing technology framework using a standard-based web services implementation. EmpCenter provides various workforce management functions that can be called by external systems, such as HR, payroll, or work order systems, via web services. Services offered and used by EmpCenter can be categorized in four groups:

  1. Data Validation – can be used to validate timesheet calculations, labor distribution data, or other information in real-time
  2. Data Exchange – seamless integration allows HR and managers to share information between systems, for example when employee information is updated in the workforce management system, the information is also changed in the HR system to eliminate redundant tasks
  3. Control Functions – facilitates and automates processes with complex steps such as end-of-period processing
  4. What-if Analysis – provides managers and HR personnel with what-if scenarios; a manager can redefine the overtime rules to eliminate additional hours and then run a what-if scenario and find out there is not enough coverage without the overtime

“Web Services plays a major role in the EmpCenter solution,” said WorkForce Software’s Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing Howard Tarnoff. “Over the next several quarters, we are releasing industry-leading solutions that require the sophisticated technology provided by web services.”

Get a copy of WorkForce Software’s white paper “Web Services and the WorkForce Software Solution” today.

About WorkForce Software
WorkForce Software, Inc. is the leader in workforce management solutions for organizations with complex policies and compliance concerns. Its EmpCenter system enables strategic HR by automating and streamlining interactions between the employer and its workforce. These interactions include time entry, time-off requests, request for personal information, and schedule preferences. By automating these interactions, organizations can better manage payroll and processing costs, help ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, and increase the productivity and satisfaction of their employees. The EmpCenter suite is composed of numerous applications, including Time and Attendance, Activity Based Costing, Multiple Assignments, Absence Management, FMLA Manager, Advanced Scheduling, and Fatigue Management. WorkForce Software’s diverse customer base includes large employers such as the University of California, Pacific Gas & Electric Company, Activision Blizzard, and Compass Bank. For more information, visit www.workforcesoftware.com.

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