EmpCenter® Predictive Dynamics is the First Solution to Tie Employee and Customer Satisfaction to Workforce Management, Performance, and Profitability

Livonia, Mich., October 1, 2009 – WorkForce Software, Inc., the leader in workforce management solutions for organizations with complex policies and compliance concerns, announces EmpCenter Predictive Dynamics during the HR Technology Conference in Chicago. Predictive Dynamics is the only solution that allows organizations to accurately measure the impact of workforce management automation on employees, customers, constituents, and profits.

Predictive Dynamics is the result of integrating Empathica closed loop survey technology, applying analytics, and integrating these into WorkForce Software’s EmpCenter solution to measure workforce performance. It enables employers to correlate changes in workforce management with employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and business performance. With Predictive Dynamics, employers can tune their workforce and validate results by measuring the impact of workforce management on employee relationships, client loyalty, satisfaction, likeliness to return for future engagement, and profitability.

“Predictive Dynamics provides our clients with a solution to measure how the management of their workforce affects their business, from employee satisfaction and productivity to customer service ratings. Without the right employees with the right attitude, organizations place customer satisfaction at risk,” said WorkForce Software’s SVP of Sales and Marketing Howard Tarnoff. “Predictive Dynamics allows employers to fine tune their workforce management processes to build a client focused team of employees by validating the impact of the changing workplace through both employee and customer feedback.”

Unlike other workforce management products, Predictive Dynamics is the only solution to validate the investment in workforce management technology. Predictive Dynamics energizes employee engagement by soliciting ongoing feedback to assess job satisfaction and provides employers with the opportunity to learn about their workforce:

  • Do employees feel like they have the right training and tools to perform their job?
  • Do employees feel valued and therefore loyal to the organization?
  • Are employees satisfied with their environment, schedules, responsibilities and their team?
  • What workforce management strategies would improve employee and customer satisfaction?

Meaningful analysis generated from this employee and customer feedback empowers management to predict how future change will contribute to results; when employers understand the behavior and motivations of their workforce, they can appropriately determine how to encourage positive change. These changes have a direct impact on customer loyalty and therefore the profitability of the organization.

“We’re very excited to be involved in a partnership that offers the unique combination of Empathica’s customer and employee experience insight — delivered through our Customer Experience Management 2.0 API — and Workforce Software’s industry leading workforce management capabilities to clients in the key verticals they serve,” said Mike Amos, Empathica’s CEO. “This will give HR and operations executives a great deal of clarity into the financial impact of decisions regarding their workforce management deployment and employee compensation.”

About Empathica
Empathica provides Customer Experience Management programs to more than 200 of the world’s leading brands, ranging from multi-unit retailers, to banks and restaurants. Its rich analysis of survey data using state-of-the-art surveying and dashboard reporting software allows for performance-improvement solutions, evidence-based marketing insights, and customer experience management consulting. Annually, Empathica’s 30 million customer surveys in 17 languages reach more than 70,000 locations. A privately-held organization, Empathica is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and also has offices in Birmingham, England and Alpharetta, GA, in the United States. For more information about deriving actionable insights that enhance a brand’s operational excellence, visit Empathica at www.empathica.com.

About WorkForce Software
WorkForce Software, Inc. is the leader in workforce management solutions for organizations with complex policies and compliance concerns. Its EmpCenter system enables strategic HR by automating and streamlining interactions between the employer and its workforce. These interactions include time entry, time-off requests, request for personal information, and schedule preferences. By automating these interactions, organizations can better manage payroll and processing costs, help ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, and increase the productivity and satisfaction of their employees. The EmpCenter suite is composed of numerous integrated applications, including Time and Attendance, Activity Based Costing, Multiple Assignments, Absence Management, FMLA Manager, Advanced Scheduling, and Fatigue Management. WorkForce Software’s diverse customer base includes large employers such as Duke Energy, the University of California, Pacific Gas & Electric Company, Activision Blizzard, and Compass Bank. For more information, visit www.workforcesoftware.com.

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