WorkForce Software Releases EmpCenter® 7.0 in the 3rd Quarter

Livonia, Mich., November 12, 2008 – WorkForce Software, Inc., a leader in workforce management solutions, reported today that revenue for the three months ending September 30, 2008, increased by 52-percent over last year. There were notable milestones during the third quarter, including the release of EmpCenter® 7.0, new team members, and new customers in the education sector.

Released in September 2008, EmpCenter 7.0 offers an all new and more intuitive user interface and experience. Designed to streamline interactions between employees and employers, the EmpCenter Workforce Management suite automates reporting time worked and absences, reporting project and other labor information, requesting time-off, viewing personal information, and modifying schedule preferences. Employees interact hundreds of times every year with their employers for these types of transactions, which have a significant cost to the employer in terms of time and overhead. EmpCenter 7.0 significantly reduces these transaction costs.

“We are excited to announce the release of EmpCenter 7.0, because it offers a whole new user experience,” said Kevin Choksi, president and CEO of WorkForce Software. “This release was designed based on customer feedback and future industry requirements. The new design offers an all-in-one view of the time entry process that saves time managing common activities for employees, supervisors, and administrators.”

To support its continued customer growth and maintain its high level of research and development, WorkForce Software grew its team by 15-percent in the 3rd quarter, with a focus on developers, implementation consultants, and support professionals. WorkForce Software will continue to increase its staff into the 4th quarter to keep up with demand.

Employers continue to invest in workforce management applications because this automation minimizes payroll costs, manages compliance with labor regulations, and provides employee self-service functionality, which lowers transaction costs.

“Experience shows that organizations may save between one and three-percent of their total payroll costs when these types of employee interactions are automated,” said Choksi. “Further benefits are achieved as employers are able to maintain larger workforces without increasing support staff.”

WorkForce Software welcomed several new customers in the 3rd quarter, including the University of Alabama, Liberty School District of Missouri, Michigan Collaborative Administrative Solutions for Education (MiCase), Brandon University, and ACCENT Marketing. WorkForce Software is looking forward to a long partnership with each of its new customers.

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