EmpCenter® Advanced Scheduler Helps Employers Meet Service Goals, Offer Employee Choices, and Reduce Overtime Costs

Livonia, Mich., October 15, 2008 – WorkForce Software, Inc., a leader in workforce management solutions, helps organizations meet service goals, reduce overtime costs, enforce business rules, and offer employee choices using its EmpCenter Advanced Scheduler. Ideal for organizations with fluctuating demand and specialized employee skills, such as manufacturers, hospitals, casinos, airlines, utility companies, higher education, retail, and other similar organizations, EmpCenter Advanced Scheduler helps employers get the right person to the right job at the right time while controlling overtime costs.

“Over the last year, the demand for scheduling has greatly increased,” said Kevin Choksi, president and CEO of WorkForce Software. “With the current economic conditions, organizations are cutting costs and looking for ways to control costs. With our Advanced Scheduler, we can respond to the industry with a solution to help meet their economic goals.”

Labor is often the most expensive line item on an organization’s list of expenses, so it is necessary to manage the workforce efficiently to benefit from the cost savings. The Advanced Scheduler helps organizations solve the following business issues:

  • Unscheduled and costly overtime
  • Fulfilling unpopular shifts fairly based on seniority, union regulations, or other pre-defined rules
  • Filling last-minute vacancies without creating overtime for an employee
  • Automated shift swapping enforces rules to ensure the person has the right skill set to change shifts
  • Scheduling to match demand, specific to a department’s forecasted demand for labor
  • Reduces the time spent manually scheduling employees

Ensuring the right people are at the right place at the right time is a key process for daily business operations, but for some types of organizations it can be difficult when administered manually. The volume of knowledge—which includes each employee’s skill set and the time each has worked in a current period—makes scheduling almost impossible to do correctly for a large employee population, but the EmpCenter Advanced Scheduler helps organizations automate the process. The Advanced Scheduler stores the information required for optimized schedule calculations and quickly generates schedules based on labor needs. When a position needs to be filled quickly, the software can quickly bring up a list of available and qualified employees. This also significantly reduces overtime costs, because the system looks for available employees who will not incur overtime by taking on another shift.

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