EmpCenter® for K-12 School Districts will Automate Workforce Management Processes for 65 Schools in the County

Livonia, Mich., October 15, 2008 – WorkForce Software, Inc., a leader in workforce management solutions, announces that MiCase licensed its EmpCenter for K-12 School Districts suite, a comprehensive workforce management system that automates the complex pay policies common to school districts.

The MiCase consortium was formed in July 2007, by Kalamazoo Regional Education Service Agency (KRESA), Allegan Area Educational Service Agency (AESA), Van Buren ISD (Intermediate School District), and Lewis Cass ISD (Intermediate School District), to collaborate efforts, increase efficiencies, and reduce costs.

“We went through a rigorous review process, over an eight month period, to select the workforce management solution that would best meet our needs,” said Don Dailey, executive director at MiCase and technology services director at KRESA. “Compared to solutions offered by other vendors, we felt WorkForce Software’s EmpCenter software was the best fit for school districts. WorkForce Software’s extensive experience with school districts and consortiums give it the credibility we want.”

EmpCenter for K-12 School Districts offers a solution for management of complex pay rules and the time collection processes. For example, many school districts have employees that work multiple jobs, each with its own set of pay codes, rules, and supervisors. This functionality also helps organizations better manage labor law compliance.

EmpCenter’s Multiple Assignments module creates and processes a separate timesheet for each position held by a single employee. This means that business rules, pay rates, and even approvals by separate managers can be managed independently and then rolled up into one employee paycheck. This level of accuracy ensures that Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and other state and federal requirements are met every pay period.

“EmpCenter for K-12 School Districts has the functionality to meet our unique requirements and the varied needs of our  employees, including teachers, substitute teachers, paraprofessionals, bus drivers, facilities personnel, and administrators,” said Dailey. “We will also have better control over payroll costs due to the reliability of information, and we will eliminate errors caused by manual calculations.”

Once deployed, WorkForce Suite for K-12 School Districts automatically enforces district pay policies and rules, alerts supervisors when overtime thresholds are met or problems occur, and helps administrators quickly fill teacher absences. Teachers and other employees can also interact directly with the system to off-load tasks from HR, such as reviewing time-off requests, and finding substitute teachers when needed. WorkForce Suite for K-12 School Districts helps administrators and their payroll and HR departments by automating their workforce processes.

“MiCase is a new premier customer for WorkForce Software, and we are thrilled they chose WorkForce Suite for K-12 School Districts,” said Kevin Choksi, president and CEO of WorkForce Software. “We look forward to a long relationship with MiCase.”

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