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Poor productivity and absenteeism cost UK businesses £14 billion in 2020 alone. What can be done to improve employee wellbeing and productivity, whilst filling the record-high number of vacancies we’re seeing right now?  

According to new research by WorkForce Software, ensuring hourly workers are empowered, supported and appreciated is key. The workforce management software company, whose technology is used by major brands like Kurt Geiger and Morrison’s Supermarkets, has released their report titled “Making Every Moment Matter: Your Guide to Improving Employee Experience for the Modern Workforce.” 

Employers are falling short when it comes to EX for this essential section of the workforce. In the report, over 40% of hourly workers say their jobs lack scheduling flexibility and 85% reported they don’t get enough direct communications from senior management.  

While much has been said about the impact of remote working for desk-based employees, 80% of the global workforce is deskless and comprised of vital ‘key’ workers, which are currently in short supply. 

“From delivery drivers and care home workers to hospitality and retail associates, those in hourly paid, deskless roles are ubiquitous but often forgotten in discussions around workplace innovation and employee experience,” says Steve Tonks, SVP EMEA at Workforce Software.  

“These employees form the backbone of many organisations, deliver vital services, and work on the frontline of customer service,” he continues. “More needs to be done to support their work-life balance and make them feel valued and engaged in the wider business- after all they are often the public face of your organisation.”