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WorkForce Software’s Chief Marketing Officer, Sandra Moran, shares insights from her career journey building and leading high-performance global cross-functional teams to support the identification and delivery of sustainable business growth. 

In conversations with WeAreTechWomen, Moran provided tips and advice she can offer other women seeking to get into tech. She discusses her personal career journey, the importance of STEM programs, and the positive impact that hiring more women has on businesses. 

“Businesses must be dedicated to not only hiring and retaining more women within their workforce, but also helping them to evolve in their roles,” Moran says. “Organisations should be offering consistent opportunities for upskilling and job training.” 

She continues by explaining how companies must consider new levels of schedule flexibility and work shift patterns that support the needs of women who often have additional responsibilities outside work.  

When asked for her top advice for individuals looking to excel in the technology field, Moran says it is important to be curious and fully understand a business problem to determine whether it’s worth solving. 

“Be willing to say no to things that will prevent you from doing the things that matter. Be true to yourself and know your strengths,” Moran says. “You must be committed to finding the right answer and bringing the right people together to achieve success.”