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Employees are less-than-thrilled with the technology their organization provides for them to work with, a notable speed bump on the way to remote and hybrid work. Among the biggest challenges that need to be resolved: the attitude of the C-Suite. 

Meanwhile, the C-Suite, IT and the workforce all have different – and often conflicting – views about the future of work and technology’s role in enabling hybrid work. Only 13% of today’s knowledge workers would rather work exclusively from the office. 

However, 56% of C-level executives believe that employees must be in the office in order to be productive. At the same time, 74% of C-Suite executives say they’ve become more productive since the start of Covid-19, spotlighting a disconnect between what corporate leaders have experienced and what they believe employees need to do to be productive. 

Last year, research from WorkForce Software revealed dramatically different perspectives between employers and workers on the quality of employee experience during the pandemic.  

Across the board, the workforce management software provider found significant gaps between what organizations believed they were providing and what employees actually experienced. That suggests employers haven’t been providing employees with the solutions needed to fully connect with the new world of work.