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The fly-in-fly-out workforce has long been part of Australia’s employment landscape but now a new lifestyle-focused employee is emerging: the FIZO — fly-in-Zoom-out — worker. Given the pandemic, these workers have had almost two years to prove to employers they can be reliable and productive while undertaking their duties away from a traditional office space. 

These FIZO workers have already realized the benefits of the hybrid work/home model and are finding ways to incorporate work with holidays to bring more flexibility to their lives. WorkForce Software’s SVP of Human Resources, Leslie Tarnacki, gives tips to start a conversation with your manager as you seek to have more flexibility in your work schedule. 

Workers are expected to begin negotiating more flexible arrangements with employers for lifestyle reasons. During Melbourne’s lockdown, employees noticed family bonding benefits, allowing them to seamlessly integrate work with family holidays. 

Tarnacki says employees should be confident in negotiations with their employers, as they’re not alone in asking for added flexibility at work.  

“Your boss likely knows 47 percent of your peers in Australia and New Zealand are looking to quit their jobs rather than lose flexibility of when and where they work,” she says. “Add your voice, that’s how change happens.”