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The importance of employee experience is increasingly prominent for HR executives. This is according to the recently published report, The State of Human Experience in the Workplace, published by SAPInsider, co-sponsored by WorkForce Software, IBM and Eightfold AI.

The global survey polled HR leaders about the rising importance of employee experience for improving organizational performance. The results demonstrated that the topic is top of mind, and technology investments are seen as a primary driver to achieve success:

  • 65% of employers focus more on the employee experience in 2021 than two years ago, largely due to COVID-19 
  • 83% reported that the HR department is either highly or very highly responsible for managing or measuring employee experience  
  • 54% of respondents said the rise of remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic is the most significant driver for focusing more on the employee experience in 2021 
  • Technology was viewed as a core component to maximize employee experience in 2021 including: 
    • Optimizing self-service to make employee and work data more accessible (61%)
    • Investing in technology to improve worker productivity (59%) 
    • Creating spaces and processes to increase collaboration between employees and teams (54%) 
    • Adding or enhancing employee feedback or surveys to capture sentiment (49%) 

“The report underscores what we’re hearing from customers across Australia and New Zealand, whether employees are working from home due to lockdown, or out in the field as nurses, teachers, miners or retail workers, technology is a powerful way to stay connected,” said Nick Bailey, SVP WorkForce Software, Asia Pacific and Japan.

Bailey reinforced these report recommendations for organizations looking to improve employee experience: 

  1. Use the lessons of the pandemic and embrace remote work where possible 
  2. Focus on greater accessibility for employees  
  3. Keep process in mind, even when the immediate need calls for new technology
  4. Identify productivity gains that align with experience improvements 
  5. Use customer experience as an example

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