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Working in a role that usually involves both everyday maintenance tasks and overseeing new initiatives, tech leaders generally become pros at task and project management by necessity. Similarly, their team members usually have lengthy to-do lists.  

With many working remotely these days, they may increasingly need to handle prioritization and time management on their own. Fortunately, most tech leaders are ready and willing to share their experience in effectively managing tasks and projects.  

Whether you’re overseeing a big assignment or just looking for smart ways to manage a lengthy to-do list, you can minimize your stress, keep your stakeholders happy and get your work across the finish line with these tips from members of the Forbes Technology Council.  

WorkForce Software CEO Mike Morini says his biggest task management tip is to cut through the noise and see the bigger picture. He argues that saying “no” to things that distract you from the end goal is ultimately beneficial. 

“When you say ‘no’ to certain tasks that won’t move the project forward, it frees up time to say ‘yes’ to those tasks that are meaningful to the team,” Morini says. “A good tech leader protects their team’s time and steers their focus to tasks that help achieve their goals and grow the business.”