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At WorkForce Software, product innovation is driven by understanding, collaboration, and an unwavering commitment to always put our customers first.

We have led innovation in the workforce management space for 20 years, yet our product and engineering teams remain laser focused on our mission: to make work easy for hard working HR, Finance, Operations, and IT professionals all over the world, and to help them deliver a best in class experience to the employees they serve.

John Williams

John Williams

Chief Technology Officer

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WorkForce Software Labs combines our customer-led innovation team, customer advisory board, industry specific user groups, user experience initiatives, and community ideas platform—all key innovation areas within our business, under one umbrella.

WorkForce Software Labs allows us to think big, to challenge the established norms, and to search endlessly for the next wave of workforce management innovation alongside our customers. I’m proud of the work we do and the customer first culture which allows us to innovate for us all.

From everyone in the Lab, thank you.

An Innovation Leader

First enterprise ready rules-based time and attendance solution
Introduction of support for multiple assignments to keep up with the growing trend of flexible working
Enterprise ready workforce management solution available in the cloud
First integrated fatigue management compliance solution
First integrated leave case management solution
First rules-based scheduling with automated shift offering
Introduction of schedule optimizer and schedule quality score to enable new levels of workforce productivity
Next generation mobile crew management and time collection solution
The connected workforce three year vision delivered
Ventana Research Workforce Management Value Index TM
LEADER WFM survey of end users
Workforce Management Value MatrixTM
Constellation Research Workforce Management ShortList TM

Working with our Customers

We are dedicated and invested in our customers’ success. Our product, design, and engineering teams regularly engage with our customers and end users to discuss how our products meet their needs and understand the problems that they are looking for our products to solve.
Customer Advisory Board

Customer Advisory Board

We host a curated, invite-only group of executives from our customer base, all experts in varying aspects of workforce management, to discuss the market trends and real-world experiences that will influence our long-term product strategy.

Ideas Portal

The WorkForce Ideas Portal provides an avenue for our partners and customers to submit ideas for product enhancements and see what other users are asking for. The ideas portal allows us to crowd source ideas for product enhancements with a goal of delivering maximum value to our customers with each release.

Ideas Portal

User Interviews & Surveys

We spend a significant amount of time talking to our users to better understand their needs, how they work, and what they value. We receive feedback from our end users on the challenges they have with their current processes or solutions and build personas as well as opportunity assessments that outline and quantify these problems.

Rapid Prototyping

We also engage with our customers and end users in early discovery sessions and prototype reviews to ensure we are taking in a broad set of perspectives on user needs and arriving at a clearer understand of the problems that we are solving.

Rapid Prototyping

Our Product Vision

We focus our innovation efforts on delivering ideal and novel solutions to 4 important market problems that are pervasive and urgent in the markets we serve:
Boosting Productivity

Boosting Productivity

We build solutions that help our customers get more output from current labor spend by reducing the time and effort that is spent on manual tasks associated with managing their workforce.
Workforce Insights

Workforce Insights

We support our customers’ strategic decision-making processes by providing insights from their strategic workforce data which they can connect and correlate with other internal data assets.
Driving Engagement

Driving Engagement

We help our customers drive engagement via a new, responsive, and expressive user interface that serves up actionable information to managers and improves the communication between the employee and the employer.
Simplified Compliance

Simplified Compliance

We simplify compliance for our customers with automated updates of regulatory changes, smart notifications to prevent violations, and digital assistances to automate research on leave qualifications.

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