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Cloud-Based Software Makes Scheduling Easy

Our WorkForce Forecasting & Scheduling solution lets you intelligently forecast your customer demand and, in turn, accurately schedule your employees across multiple sites within your organization.

The Result: Engaged employees, empowered managers, and compliance with local labor laws.

Using intelligent forecasting to create optimized schedules has positive impacts across your organization, including:

  • Reducing your payroll costs without hurting productivity or service levels with accurate forecasting
  • Freeing up hours previously spent forecasting and scheduling by reducing manager admin time
  • Aligning everything, including schedules and financial budgets, labor-to-sales ratios, and local labor laws
  • Minimizing your financial risk by reducing exposure to litigation
  • Improving employee productivity by optimizing resources and enabling collaborative scheduling
  • Understanding labor cost, attendance, absence, and workforce compliance by reporting on your organizational KPIs

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WorkForce Forecasting and Scheduling allows you to intelligently forecast and accurately schedule employees across multiple sites within your organization. Request a demo to learn more.

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