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Employee Self-Service and Assistants

A Next Generation User Experience for Every Generation of Employee

Empower every employee to improve communication and work more efficiently with the WorkForce Suite’s breakthrough employee experience and AI-enabled assistants.

Engage Your Employees

Learn how improving your workforce management processes can drive employee engagement.

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Learn how the WorkForce Suite helps employees better integrate their personal and professional lives.

Customer Success Story

Ladbrokes Coral Group saw an improvement in employee satisfaction among other benefits.
Manager and Employee Hub

A More Meaningful Experience

No two employees are the same—their user experience shouldn’t be either. The WorkForce Suite enables your employees to personalize the user experience with:

  • The WorkForce Hub, a one-stop shop approach with movable cards that allow the user to arrange the Hub in a way that is meaningful to them
  • The WorkForce Assistant, a list of urgent and actionable tasks that uses an urgency model to prioritize each item
  • Mobile-first and responsive designs for access from any device

Collaborative Scheduling for the Intersection of Work and Life

Life does not always fit in a 9 to 5 lane, so don’t try to force it. Let the WorkForce Suite help your employees merge their work and personal lives with self-service options so they can:

  • Communicate availability in environments with higher variability or when extra shifts come up
  • View schedules well in advance to support planning for personal commitments and pursuits
  • Request time off or swap shifts when unexpected events interfere with planned work
Manager Hub and Assistant
Manager Timesheet with Results

Empower Your Employees for More Accurate Payroll

Minimize payroll inquiries, amendments, and off-cycle payroll processing by providing your employees with:

  • Real-time visibility into gross hour and pay calculations
  • Proactive alerts for critical issues that could impact their pay
  • Online review and submission of timesheets

Request Time Off with Ease

It is important for employees to take time off to help recharge and regain focus. With the WorkForce Suite, you can make the process easy with:

  • Projected time-off balances to confirm availability
  • Automated workflows and approval hierarchies to expedite the process
  • Automatic approvals for requests that meet pre-defined standards
Employee Time Off Request