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Denver Public Schools

“WorkForce Software has allowed Denver Public Schools to implement pay policy changes that make us more efficient and effective and has greatly improved the user experience for our employees.”

Mark Ferrandino

Chief Financial Officer, Denver Public Schools

Denver Public Schools

Denver Public Schools (DPS) has more than 200 district schools, including traditional, innovation, magnet, charter and pathways schools. DPS has a current enrollment of more than 92,000 students and is one of the fastest-growing urban school districts in the nation.

DPS currently has more than 15,000 employees but had systems and pay practices that were put in place years ago, when the district had only 5,000 employees. A system was needed that would enable DPS to implement a more efficient payroll process for its large and diversified employee population, consolidate four different time and attendance systems, and provide more transparency to employees about their pay.

Since implementing WorkForce Software, DPS has been able to move from monthly to semi-monthly pay and has eliminated over 10,000 paper time sheets. System down time for payroll processing has been reduced from 15 days to only 3 days for each payroll run. Managers and employees have better visibility to time and attendance data and can now review and approve time on their mobile devices. DPS has seen time savings across the board and has a much more efficient and accurate payroll process with WorkForce Software.




Manual timesheets eliminated

12 Day

Reduction in payroll processing

WorkForce Suite for K-12 Education

The WorkForce Suite helps school districts improve efficiencies for all employee groups, including full-time staff, part-time workers, and substitute teachers.

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